The Best Cat Food For Cats With Allergies

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This article aims to touch upon the issues surrounding allergies in cats and a few recommendations on the best cat food for allergies to better help our feline companions deal with the condition. Just like us humans, our cats can also develop a type of allergy. This condition is triggered when the immune system of our furry companion becomes extremely sensitive to particular substances which can be found in the surrounding. These substances may differ from one cat to another, and despite of their differences, they are all referred to as allergens.

These allergens may not be visibly present or go to an extent where you and your feline companion feel bothered, however, the moment your cat’s system tries to fight off the offending substances and attempts to get rid of it, the symptoms may start showing. To them, this condition is not physically draining and to us, their condition is not only heartbreaking but also emotionally draining. Nothing can make an owner of a cat happier than seeing their adorable feline companion being their bubbly and entertaining selves; so it is extremely understandable how worried they become once their cats start refusing food and showing signs that they are struggling.

This condition prompts any cat owner to immediately seek for relief and cure; from learning about anything pertaining to the condition, to  seeking for the best cat food for allergies. Regardless of whether you own a cat with allergies or you are an owner of a perfectly healthy cat who would like to educate yourself on this matter, you will benefit from this article. Read on to learn more.

What is the most common allergy and the symptoms?

Allergies in cats are typically divided into three different categories: atopic dermatitis, flea allergy, and food allergy. Cats may suffer from multiple types of allergy, however, food allergy is known to be the most common type of allergy in cats. Regardless of which type of allergy they are suffering from, cats with allergies exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. These symptoms are worse in cats with respiratory diseases such as asthma.

  • Diarrhea and vomiting.

  • Itchy and runny eyes.

  • Inflamed throat which often leads to snoring.

  • Sensitive and swollen paws.

One symptom which can always be found in allergic cat is, without a doubt, gastrointestinal issues and irritable bowel syndrome. This symptom is worse in cats with food allergy, and the only way to minimize their misery is by completely avoiding giving your cat any food containing a substance they are allergic to. But how do we know which cat food is good for our allergic cats? Yes, it is indeed difficult to find the best cat food for allergies. All we know is they must be fed with diet which contains very limited ingredient.

What to feed our allergic cats

Food For Cats With AllergiesFood allergies is extremely tricky as we often are not sure of which ingredient must be held responsible for the condition of our cats. Especially once we found out that majority of cat food in the market contain more fillers than real nutrients and ingredients which is needed by our cats. This, however, is not to say that all food in the market are bad for our feline companions. Many brands are still committed to providing food which adheres to the natural diet of cats which require more protein than any other components. Yes, cat is indeed a carnivorous creature. Unlike dogs which can get away with carbohydrates, cats do not need that. This is the primary reason why the best food to give our cat is the one that strictly follows its nutritional requirement, in which any cat food for allergies you give to your cats must fits its macronutrient profile which is high in protein and fat.

Recommendations on great cat food for our allergic cats

Knowing that your allergic cat should be given a grain-free diet is only half the battle as your quest to find the best cat food for allergies is not as easy as you thought it would be. Don’t worry, though! As we have come up with recommendations on cat food for allergies to help you get started; our top picks are based on the macronutrient profile of the food and the positive reviews

  • Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Morsels

With 98-percent protein from cage-free and farm-raised meat, organs, as well as bones, Stella & Chewy’s makes it incredibly easy to feed even the most finicky eater. Guaranteed to be both grain free and gluten free, this cat food for allergies is also enhanced with antioxidants and probiotics, rich in taurine as well as minerals and vitamins. Available in three types of proteins: chicken, duck, and rabbit, you can easily thaw the morsels and serve it to your allergic cats right away. Quick, and nutritious.

  • Balanced Blends

One of the biggest mistake a cat owner can make is giving their four-legged companion a dry food diet. Not only is it high in carbohydrates, dry cat food is also known to contain numerous by-products which may endanger the health of your cats in the long run. Nothing is better than giving your cats a raw diet, and just like Stella & Chewy’s, Balanced Blends comes up with its 5lb Raw Beef Dinner for Cats. Consisting of 98.3-percent meat, organs, as well as bones, this raw food has also been inspected and approved by the USDA. So it’s guaranteed that this cat food for allergies has no added hormones, fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, or grain and gluten.

  • Darwin’s Raw Cat Food

Darwin’s offers two selections, the Natural Selections Raw Cat Food with hand crafted 100-percent cage free poultry that is free from fillers let alone grains and gluten, and the Intelligent Design Raw Cat Food. If the Natural Selections is a dubbed as its premium line, the Intelligent Design is referred to as its prescription line as it is specifically made to fit the needs of cats with health issues. It doesn’t matter which of two selections of this cat food for allergies you choose, they are all incredibly good for your allergic cats.

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