Easy to Create DIY Cat Food Puzzle Toys for Your Lovely Cat

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Taking care of your cat it doesn’t mean that you only feed them without doing something useful for them. For example, you may keep their brain active so they can find what they are looking for by themselves. Remember, there is a time that you can’t control your cat 24 hours and you should let them play around and find the food by themselves. This is the importance of using cat food puzzle. You may buy the cat food puzzle but it will be great to DIY cat food puzzle.

Paper Towel Roll Ball Cat Food Puzzle

It is an easy and simple cat food puzzle to create. You just need to prepare paper towel roll, scissors, and tape. The first thing to do is cutting the paper towel roll into several pieces. Later, you will have small circles from a paper towel. Now, try to put the small circles one by one and make it like a ball shape. Just imagine an empty globe design. When it is ready, you may give tape in some part of it and let one part without any tape. Then, put the food inside the ball from the part you don’t give tape. The cat food puzzle is ready! It is better to create too hard or too tight so the food can easily come out after the car play with it for a few minutes. Moreover, use small solid and dry food so it is easy to come out. Definitely, it will be fun for your lovely cat!

The Hole -Y Container Cat Food Puzzle

Just like the name of the cat food puzzle, you need to prepare a small or medium plastic container, scissor, paper towel roll, marker, cutter, sandpaper, and rope. The first thing to do is make two holes on the cover of the plastic container. You may use marker to make a perfect circles. Don’t draw the circle too close. Just imagine that you want to draw two big circles for eyes. Then use cutter to make the hole by cutting the mark. To keep it safety for your cat, use sandpaper to clean the plastic. Now, create two small holes and you can use screwdriver to make it. This is the place to put the rope and a small bell. Put the rope from the first small hole to the second one. Tighten the rope. When it is ready, put the food inside the plastic container and then put the cover back. Try to attract your cat to get closer to this cat food puzzle. It is a fun toy because they will try to get the food inside the plastic container from the big hole.

Tube Toy Cat Food Puzzle

This type of cat food puzzle is also easy to make. What you need to prepare is a long can and you can take it from your favorite snack. To make it attracting, you can cover up the can. You can any kind of paper. Use glue to do it and before going to the next step, you have to let the glue dry for a few hours. Now, you can make two or three holes. Use marker to do it and make sure that the holes are not too close and too big. When it is ready, you can start to put small balls and their favorite food. Let them play with this cat food puzzle until the food spreads out from the tube toy. It is fun and your cat will love it!

Cat Box Cat Food Puzzle

This is also a good DIY cat food puzzle you may try. You just need to prepare a box. You can use a pizza box, or any kind of box. What you have to do with the box is creating some obstacles. Actually, you may create it just like what you want. First you can make it by using marker. Try to use different variation such as square, circle, triangle, and many more. Then, you can cut the designs by using cutter. In this step, you will have a box with full of hole you have made before. The most important thing is don’t cut the side of the box. Now you can put balls or foods inside the box. Cover up the box and let your lovely cat play to catch the ball or get the food from the box.

Cat Food Puzzle from Reused Materials

Cat Food PuzzleSometimes, you don’t have enough time to create something complicated and takes time. It doesn’t matter at all because you can still start to DIY cat food puzzle. In fact, there are several materials you can use and most of them are easy to find. Let say, you can use plastic bottle, egg carton, Pizza boxes, and many more. For those who have a lot of plastic bottles, you may use it for cat food puzzle. You just need to make small holes around the plastic bottle. Make sure that the hole is enough to make the food come out. Put the foods on the bottle and cover up it. Let the cat play with the bottle until the food spread around. The simplest one is by using egg carton. You don’t need to do anything with the carton. Just spread the food on the carton and let your cat grab it. The unique design of the egg carton is perfect to create obstacle for the cat to get their foods.

Cat Food Puzzle for Wet Food

There is a case that you love to give your cat a wet food. Actually, it is not a problem at all because you are still able to create a cat food puzzle for them. For example, you can prepare a large pan or solid paper or even a box. Then, you can make some small tubes. When it is ready, glue it and let it dry. When it is ready, you can put the wet food inside the tube. This cat food puzzle gives a little bit effort for your cat before eating their favorite food.

Just remember that it is not to torture your cat in getting their food. Because of that, try to make a simple cat food puzzle so they can get the food right away.

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