What You Need to Know About Feral Cat Colony

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Feral cat colony can be socializing with certain conditions.  The feral cat has harder and shorter lives rather than the car with owner and home. This is because feral cats need to find their food and water and shelter by their own and this is not an easy way. This makes feral cats often called with wild animals but sometimes they also need help from the humans for their healthy and warm especially in winter. There are many humans that care with feral cat in winter and they most come with TNR method. Trap-Neuter-Return is method for respect to feral cat behavior as wild animal. This method use neutering feral cat, provide food and shelter, play role as feral cat caretaker and give the feral cat with opportunity to free as they have their unique characteristic as wild animal.

What is a feral cat colony?

How to identify feral cats? There are several characteristic of feral cats that you can recognize easily when you meet them in road or in park. Most of feral cats will forbid stranger for touch them, they have vocalize characterize (meow or purr), come out to eat in daylight and approach the left bowl with food you left after you go inside home. Due to the characteristic from feral cats, then there are classification from feral cats into totally feral, reverted feral, and semi-feral. The last two feral cats can be very bonded with people that care them and eventually you can touch them, vocalize, and they can eat peace in your front. How a cat becomes feral is depend to several factors:

  • Frequency contact with human. Cats that have more contact with human get more socialized more.

  • Feral generation number. Once the ancestors get socialized then the wilder cat will be. The feral behavior will increase with the feral generation successive.

  • Personality. Cats are still a subject of individual that have their own personalities. Here are some feral that become friendly and warm into human quickly. There are many caretakers from feral cat colony that identify if feral that have been neutered start to have behavior such as pets.

  • Age. The kitten that less from 8 weeks old, although born from feral cat, this kitten can be socialized with days matter. Above of the age, socialization becomes hard and there are more uncertain process appears that make difficult for the older to change. When get 4 months old, a kitten will likely retain the characteristic from feral cats such as strangers aware and this cat need years for socialize.

Then, how you differentiate the feral cat with stray cat? It can be difficult but you can differ from such feral car behavior to differ with stray cat. The scientist determines that feral cat colonies has home ranges that across into large areas. The one male kitty range can cover about 1.351 acres. The feral cat most show in wide urban areas and grasslands. When winter come, the feral cat colonies are prefer go to urban spot, farmland and forest that five great shelter to avoid from bad cold weather and get some food supply.

Feral cat colonyThe owned cats tend to stick near to home and the range sizes average in only 4.9 acres. For the feral cat’s behavior, feral kitties also have more active behavior rather than the home cats do. The high activity such as hunting or running makes feral cat colony behavior are tends to highly activity rather than the owned home cats. The scientist define that there are 14{aadfcddfd2f6c78247869bb93e33ce8d13679d74cabcdb0f6067218c89a9085c} from feral cat times are spend with the high activity that different time to spend with home cat that only spend their time about 3{aadfcddfd2f6c78247869bb93e33ce8d13679d74cabcdb0f6067218c89a9085c} to go with high activity.

The feral cat need to find their own food to survive and this makes they have greater activity rather than home cat, especially in winter. The feral cat also shows has daily pattern activities that are sleep in during day and the get more active in night. This activity reflect to the feral cat behavior for spree and small mammals as well as they are prefer to avoid get direct contact with humans. The home cat are mostly likely have same pattern with their owner such as wake up in morning and get active till evening.

Feral cat colony shelters

The method of TNR or Trap-Neuter- and return means that you are provide the feral cat with safe places for them from winter and extreme weather. If you want to build feral cat colony shelter then you need to consider these several tips.

  • First is creates your feral cats shelter that made from material that stay dry and accessible for any weather. Second, consider to create two entrances in cat shelter. This will give easier and accessible escape route for feral cats when they meet with predators and other bully cats so makes the feral cat unable to trap into their shelter. Next, consider to built cat shelter that accessible for your reach. The last and important thing to maintain your feral cat shelter by make any repairs and straw change when it get cold, and get accessible water to the feral cats shelter.

  • When you want to feed the feral cat then read this tip for fee them. Put your water and food bowls outside from the shelter as close as to shelter. You can create canopy for protect from rain days. Instead off, you also can build separate station for feral cat shelter and feeding station. It is same with your feral cat with lifted ground off and has a roof. Wet food is better to recommend because it easier to digest rather than dry food or freeze food. In addition, wet food can help cats for conserve energy for always warm. In winter, use dark colored bowl or solar heated bowls that can prevent water from freeze.

The TNR programs are considered in several countries to protect from dying and several disease infection include rabies. The proper management for feral cat colony takes years for responsibility and should not undertake lightly. Get guide for TNR guide if you are considering for create feral cat colony shelters and take care the feral cat.

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