Some Common Cat Behaviors We Need to Know

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Understanding the cat behaviors can be such a good idea for any of you who are the cat lovers or who are taking care of cats. Of course, knowing about the behaviors of the cats will help us to understand and know the character of the cat and why they do some of the behaviors. By knowing about the behaviors of cats, we will also get some overview regarding to the cats and their common actions which are commonly done daily. That is a good idea as well if you are going to take care of a cat or will adopt a cat. That will be completely helpful for many of you especially if you have the lack of information and experience on taking care of a cat. Surely, cat has its own characters and behaviors which are also that unique. That is why it is such a good idea for you to know much about them well. There are some behaviors of the cats which we also need to know and understand.

Cats Love Boxes

We often see cats are playing in the box or even they only take a nap inside the box. Almost all cats do the same and it becomes one of the common cat behaviors. Based on the research, this is done by cats as a way to decrease their short term depression or stress. Cats need and love protection, and as the result when they find the box which is closed for all of the sides, they can do the observation there to understand the environment. When cats are inside the box, they also feel that safe and protected.

Cats Love Computer or Laptop

Cat Behaviors

One of the other cat behaviors is the fact that cats always love computer or laptop. Surely, we often see cats are sleeping on it. There are some reasons why that becomes one of the favourite activities for cats. One of the reasons is that the computer or laptop is warm and cats do love it so much. That is why they also love to enjoy sleeping under the car or other motor vehicle. Another idea is that the keyboard of the laptop or computer gives them the comfort especially for their feet. Another reason is that cat loves to watch the screen or the computer or laptop.

Starring and Blinking Slowly

Starring and blinking slowly becomes other cat behaviors which we often find. They often do it, especially to them who take care of the cats. That becomes the way the cats expresses the love. You can simply stare the cat back and blink your eyes slowly to show back about your love. That is such the adorable thing about a cat. Still, it is good for not to stare them sharply in a long time since it means threat for them.

Scratching and Biting When They Are Rubbed

All cats do love scratching and biting. That is including when they are rubbed. That means the cat has felt too much love by getting too much rubbed. It might mean ‘don’t give me too much rub’. It is like human when they are felt too loved and they get the too-tight hugs more and more. That can be a little bit annoying then. By knowing the cat behaviors, we also can understand the cat well.