Everything That You Need to Know about Declawing Kittens

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Cat might be one of the most popular animals that are chosen by people as pets besides dogs. If you want to pet a cat, there are several things that you need to know first. Some people might choose grown up cat as pet while other people prefer to pet a kitten instead. Caring adult cat is a little bit different than caring a kitten. If you want to take care of a kitten, there are several things that you need to do. One of them is declawing. This article will give you a little insight about declawing kittens and what aspects that you should notice when you want to declaw your kittens.

Pros and Cons of Declawing Kittens

Basically, kittens declawing is still considered by many people as controversial treatment for cat. There are many veterinarians who don’t give this treatment in their clinic. Some people might say that it’s okay for you to declaw your kittens while some others might against this type of treatment instead. However, before you decide to declaw your kittens, first you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment. Basically, there are several advantages and disadvantages of kitten declawing.

The advantages of kitten declawing are including:

– Medical reasons. In some cases, declawing is performed for medical purposes. The kitten’s claws might be damaged sometimes. When the kitten’s claw is damaged, it will be more humane and safer if the claw is removed altogether. In other cases, there is a possibility that kitten’s claw might contain tumor or other diseases. If this is the case, then it will be better if the affected area is removed to prevent more serious issues.

– Owner distress. Some people who own cat might have issues with their kitten’s claws. They simply can’t be exposed to the claws of their kitten. People with blood disorders, suppressed immune system, or elderly might not be able to deal with kitten’s claws. The claws might tear their skin if the cat scratches them. On the other hand, the bacteria that might live on the kitten’s claw might cause harmful effects on those people. You need to consult veterinary professional and your medical doctor in order to discuss the health and medical implication of cat declawing.

– Cosmetic reasons. Cosmetic reasons are considered as the most common factor that makes people want to declaw their kittens. Cats tend to scratch many things inside your house, including your furniture or carpet. In longer term, cats might damage or tear up the furniture or carpet on your house. If you declaw your kittens, your cats will not be able to cause any damage to these objects.

Besides advantages, declawing kittens also has several disadvantages as well. The advantages of kitten declawing are including:

– Unnatural for kittens. The fact is that cats were born with claws. There are many people, including veterinarians that consider claws removing as the disruption of cat’s nature. Some people think that removing claws from cats means removing cat’s defense mechanism. Cats that are claw removed might also lose their ability to hold and grab things naturally.

– Painful for kittens. Declawing is basically a surgery procedure. And like any other types of surgery, declawing is painful for cats. The claws on cats are not similar to toenails. Claws are like fingers. Removing the claws might involve the cutting of bone and tissue. Claw removing is definitely unpleasant for cats. Cats will experience pain when they walk after the surgery.

– Possible complications. Cats declawing might also brings various complications as well. Infection is considered as one of the most common possibilities in any types of surgery, including declawing. In some cases, the claws might grow back, especially when the surgery is not performed properly. The problem is that the claws might not grow back properly and might cause further issues.

Those are some advantages and disadvantages of declawing your kittens. Make sure that you consider every aspect before you decide to declaw your kittens.

When You Should Declaw Your Kittens

declawing kittens

One of the most common questions that are asked by people who want to declaw their kittens is when the right time to declaw the cat is. As explained above, declawing cat is considered as controversial topic in many veterinary clinics. However, if you want to declaw your cat, you need to do that in the right time. The reasonable time to declaw your kitten is when your kitten’s age is eight to sixteen weeks. It’s not recommended to declaw your kitten when your kitten’s age is below eight weeks. If you want to declaw your kitten when your kitten’s age is over sixteen weeks, the healing procedure might take longer time. So, the best time to declaw your kitten is when your kitten is about eight to sixteen weeks old.

Where You Can Declaw Your Kitten

Basically, you can declaw your kitten in any veterinary clinics these days. There are so many veterinary clinics that you might find these days. However, not all veterinary clinics might provide declawing procedure for your kittens. Some of them might even forbid you to declaw your kittens instead. To find veterinary clinic that provides declawing procedure, you can check your local online directories. You also can browse the internet to find veterinary clinic that provides declawing procedure as well.

The Cost of Kitten Declawing

Other important thing that you should know about declawing kittens is the cost that you have to pay for this procedure. Basically, the cost of kitten declawing might be affected by several factors such as where you declaw your kittens and the experience of the doctor that perform the procedure. There are also several things that you need to pay if you want to declaw your kittens. The declawing procedure itself might cost from $100 to $450. However, you also might need to pay for physical examination, anesthesia, and antibiotics. In some cases, your kitten might be required to stay on the clinic overnight. This will mean more cost to pay. The overnight stays might cost about $100 per night while the anesthesia might cost about $50 to $100. The physical examination might cost about $50 to $80 while the antibiotics might cost about $15 to $30.

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