Healthiest Cat Food – How to Choose the Right Cat Food

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When we are talking about cats, the first word which always comes up is cute. The cat becomes a pet which always helps us to relieve our stressful day. Moreover, if our cat acts funny and ludicrous, he always brings us a happiness. That’s why we do love cats. But, have you fed your cats properly? Have you fed your cats with the right food? If you do love your cats, you must feed them with healthy food. And if you haven’t fed them well, here we are going to share you the healthiest cat food which is good for your cats.

In order to find out the right food for your cats, you have to know the ingredients which contain in the cat food. Sometimes, we pick cat food by looking at the award which is got or the famous brand. Indeed, the price always tells the truth. But, here you should consider whether it definitely provides the healthy nutritions or not. Because, some companies or pet food makers give the healthy word just as a consumer’s attractor. In addition, to avoid wrong cat food, check the brand if it has gained FDA certificate.

How can we choose the right cat food?

Cats are the animal which is considered as carnivore’s mammal. So, the first thing to do is you have to avoid the ingredients which do not provide any meat. Here, you need to make sure that your cat gets enough protein from high quality meat. Sometimes, the meat is made from salmon or chicken. If this standard doesn’t contain when you are looking for the healthiest cat food, don’t buy it for your cats.

Besides, you need to be aware about the use of artificial ingredients in the cat food. Why? Because some of the artificial ingredients are still not considered healthy for the cats. Moreover, instead of giving health benefits, it even harms and gives dangerous effect. For instance, the Vitamin K3 – a vitamin which is synthetically made to imitate vitamin K1 – has been proven gives bad effects to the human body. Vitamin K3 is found in some formulas of cat food.

the next way to give your cats healthiest cat food is by avoiding formula which contains fat, sugar, artificial meat, and the other unclear ingredients. In a research which is conducted in the United Kingdom, found that some brands have DNA from the animals which are not writen on the label of ingredients. They just write a term which is like “meat meal”. Because of it, the safety and the health in the cat food will be questionable.

Is there any thing beside looking ate the ingredients?

Healthiest Cat FoodYes, of course it is. If you are looking at the healthiest cat food, make sure that you also look at your cat’s condition. The cat has more complex needs of dietary than the other pet. Even though we have to buy cat food which has high quality of ingredients, there are some considerations which you should take a look at. If you buy a cat food by only looking at the ingredients which are contained, it can also be harmful to your cats.

Commonly, we buy cat food based on the age of the cats. Whereas, it is really important to pick the cat food based on the diet which is age-appropriate. Besides, if your cats have some diseases, the ingredients which are considered as healthy can be dangerous. For example, your cats have a problem with kidney stones, if you don’t know what is good for their kidney stones, it even makes the condition goes worse. So, you have to choose the healthiest cat food by looking at your cats’ health as well.

How about the types of cat food?

There are some types of cat food which are made for your cats. You can choose every type as long it provides standards of healthiest cat food.

  1. Dry food, is a cat food which is considered as a good type for the dental health for your cats. Even though there are not many evidences which support this thing, it still gives a logical reason to us. Why? Because cats do not completely chew their food when they are eating. So, it is identified that the dry cat food is able to scrape the plaques on their teeth. Moreover, the price of dry food is cheaper and easier to bring.
  2. By contrast, the wet cat food will give benefit effects for your cats. Because, cats sometimes get a problem which is called crucial hydration after consuming cat food. That is why, wet cat food has a good role because containing water which help your cats digest the cat food. So, in order to find out the healthiest cat food, consider that your cat food is completely suitable for your cats’ condition.
  3. Homemade cat food sometimes becomes the alternative way which is chosen by the people. We sometimes make a cat food which we think can be the healthiest cat food. We also think that the ingredients which we choose are healthy and safe for our cats. Yet, we always forget about the dietary issues. So, to avoid something which can be harmful, it is better for you if you consult with the veterinarian whether our homemade cat food is safe or not.

Is there any recommendation about cat food products?

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of cat food products which have sold on the market. However, to consider them as the healthiest cat food is still questionable. As we have described before, here you have to really careful about the ingredients. Checking out the label of the nutritions which are contained in the cat food is really important. For the additional recommendation, make sure that cat food which you are going to buy is suitable for your cats’ health condition.

There are some products which are good in grain-free canned diets, such as Weruva, Nature’s Variety Instinct Canned, Bravo Canned, Hound and Gatos, and Tiki Cat. For the raw diet, you can buy cat food from Darwin’s Natural Pet Food, Rad Cat, Nature’s Variety, My Pet’s Pride, and Raw Paws Pet Food. In addition, those brands are only recommended, if you want a healthiest cat food, it is better for you to consult with the veterinarian before choosing a cat food product.

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