Some Inspiring Ideas of Homemade Cat Food Recipes

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The homemade cat food recipes will be so inspiring for any of you who are interested in making the homemade cat foods. Of course, sometimes we just feel that free and we need to get such the wide ranges of ideas on what to do to kill the leisure time, as like during the weekend. Why don’t you spend your free time by making the homemade cat foods at home? For sure, the homemade cat foods are really good since of course it is much more natural, healthy, and of course hygienic. That will also be much better than the ready to eat cat foods. However, of course we need to know what to do on making the homemade cat foods.

It needs to be that really yummy for the cats and it also needs to be made from the ingredients which are safe for the cats. There are so many benefits which we can obtain by giving the homemade cat foods. That will be much more affordable, much more hygienic, better nutrition, and many others. That is such a good idea for you to get some ideas of the recipes to make the homemade cat foods. Still, we also can improve the recipes well in order to get a lot of variations so that your cats would not feel that bored to the taste. We can simply mix and match to the ingredients.

Simple Homemade Cat Food

Homemade Cat Food RecipesHere is one of the easy or simple homemade cat food recipes which can be tried at home. What to prepare as the ingredients are two cups of animal proteins (we can use fish fillets, chicken fillets, and many others), 0.25 cup of peas, peeled potatoes in 0.25 cup, and chicken broth. What we need to do is clean up all the ingredients properly and boils in the water till cooked well. Then, blend them properly. We can also keep them in the freezer into some parts. You need to keep them into some single portions, so when we need to serve it, we only need to take some which we really need, as like we need it for two time in a day, we can take two parts from the freezer in the night, put them in the refrigerator, and we can give it to the cat in the morning or afternoon. You can also add the salmon oil in the mixture when we blend the ingredients.

Homemade Tuna Treat for Cat 

If your cat is a tuna monster, you can simply make the tuna treat for your cat. What you need to prepare are a kilogram of tuna fillet, 500 gram of tofu or tempeh, and a pack of plain jelly powder. What you need to do is boiling the tuna and the tofu or tempeh properly. Then, when it has been cooked well, we can blend it well. Put it into the food container and flatten it properly. The next is you can boil water and cook the jelly powder as shown on the package with no sugar or salt. Then, you can pour the jelly water to the tuna and tofu which has been put in the food container. Keep it in the refrigerator and serve it to your cat. That will be one of the homemade cat food recipes which are simple yet healthy.