How to Feed Cats – Choosing Best Feeding Method for Your Beloved Cat

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Whether your cat was picky eater or little side with pudgy, it might tell you that you know how they fell when you put food in their bowl. Expert said that cats were very opinionated about their food and there are many food preferences that were formed in their first year. So if your car was a kitten, this is the time i make them used to different type of foods which including wet, dry and semidry as well. This is also make some peoples wonder about how to feed cats in proper way or how to choose the best nutrition for cats. Even you cat was older; there are still many ways to ensure that they getting all of nutrition’s that they need to be healthier. You can start to learn about what you were buying and what your cat needs.

You can start with balanced food

All of the cats owners’ shall be know how to read the cat food label that give you essential information inside that food. With many advertising about cat foods, some peoples might more focus on ingredients, but the nutrient was more important namely protein and fat that you should know. This is trendy to bash the carbohydrate with grains in your pet food. This is because food that made from protein and fast was getting pricey. But you should note that the crabs were in amount that your cats could handle it. So, you may wonder about how do you know about if your cat food was balanced. You can take a look from the statement of AAFCO on that package. It would say that the food was complete and balanced, ether through the feeding trial or their recipe meet with the requirement for car nutrition.

How often and how much?

Most of cats will eat the main food when at dawn and sunk, this is the time when they will normally be hunting and catching for prey in their wild life, so this is the best time to feed the, as well. How much your kitty shall get in their bowl was also depend on their age, size and how active she is. Usually the average was about 200 calories per day. For better option, you can ask your veterinary team that will help you to calculate their need. Pay attention for the calorie amounts in all of their foods because the calorie amounts were can be so vary from food to food. This is also give you further ideas about how to feed cats.

Cats also nibble during the day when your leave food, but you should aware that they do not know about how much they should eat. So, overfeeding was an epidemic and when your cats getting to much weight, they can get several health issues, such as: diabetes, heart disease, joint disease and more. The vet says that it is best to feed cat when on the specific mealtimes and to take food away on other times. If you cat was more chowhound, it might helpful to switch other food that contain low calorie than reduce the quantity.

How about vegetarian cats or homemade food?

How to Feed CatsThe vegetarian or veggies diet can your healthy diet option, but this is a bad idea for your car. This is unlike dog or human, cats need vitamin, mineral and certain protein which only derived from meat. But this is not raw meat that might become part of cats in their wild life; this is unnatural for house car. In their wild life, they will eat whole of bird or animal that they catch, not only the meat. The stand alone meat will reduce the vitamin, mineral and amino acid as well. Plus, the bacteria on raw meat, such as: E.coli and salmonella that can make your cat, even you were very sick.

How about make your own cat food in a home? If you decide to go with that option, you should not do it alone. This is very recommended to consult with veterinary nutrition to help you with such important information. You should note that cats were only between 8 to 10 pounds and change one ingredient also able to change entire of nutrition.

After you know some tips about how to feed cats above, you can choose based on your cat need and do not forget to consult with your vet for best advice. Here best feeding method that you can choose for your cat:

  1. Free feeding

Free feeding was when you fill up the bowl and let it out for your cats, let them to east as much as they choose. These methods worth best for dry food, since it is not spoil as quickly as the wet foods. One of the most benefits from free feeding was you do not to worry about making it at home for their meal time. This is the main challenge for personals that having very busy schedule or who were confined with the commuter traffic. Of course, there were disadvantages as well. if you have multiple cars, one ca may be excessive dominant and get over the bowl and not let them to closer with the bowl.  This is also the risk for your cat getting overweight because too much eat.

  1. Portion controlled feeding

If you have predictable schedules, so you can lay on being home at the meal time. The scheduled matzoth works well and become healthier method. This is because limiting the amount that had consumed by your cat in each meal. There are some varieties in this method as well. You can measure the portion of food on each meal then leave it for the cat getting their own pace. This is better to get best portion from your vet recommendation. This method also works well with cat that need to be given any medications which mixed in their food. So, those methods also help your to answer how to feed cats.

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