These Are How to Get a Cat to Like You

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You may wonder how to get a cat to like you. Cat is a cute pet which is somehow hard to understand. It may take time for you to make a cat like you back. What you need to remember is the fact that cat is spoiled. Hence, you can try these tips to take care of cat and make it instantly in love with you.

1.  Give it cat’s food

Food is the best medium to start a good relationship, not only with people but also with animals. Offering food has always been considered as a nice gesture of friendship. It applies to cat as well. In order to make a cat to like you, you can try to open the cat’s food tin and fill its bowl with foods right in front of the cat. Do it regularly to bring up attention, love and fond between the cat and us. Over the time, the cat will look for someone who like to give it foods as it has considered us as its ‘food-sharing’ friend.

2. Play with the Cat

Cat is a natural hunter. Being a home pet will make it bored easily. Helping the cat to train its claws will be a good way to make a cat to like you. Get toy mice, string, laser lights or any other cute inexpensive toys to play with your cat. Aside from making your cat healthy, this ‘together time’ is the best you can do to strengthen the chemistry between the cat and you. The cat will start to like you and love spending time with you.

3. Keep everything clean and fresh

Feline Biting BehaviorCats, especially indoor cats, love to have everything clean and fresh. (See how cats love to lick their fur and claws?) To bring up an instant love from the cat to you, make sure you clean your house and keep it fresh all the time, particularly, the cats litter box. Clean the litter box in daily basis to keep it clean and odor-free. The cat will love it and love you for it. From here, you should clean your cat regularly to keep it as clean and fresh as well.

4. Snuggle Time

The next step to do on how to get a cat to like you is by having some snuggle time. Just whenever your cat is in the ‘snuggle mode’, you can start to pet it. You can stroke the fur and scratch the area behind its ear for a long session. The cat will definitely love this petting session! Not only you will gain the cat’s love, it will be such a relaxing activity for you as well.

5. Give the cat free time

No matter how spoiled a cat is, it still needs some me time. And, the best thing you can do is give that time for it. Let the cat explores the place which becomes its new house and gets accustomed to it. Don’t always force the cat to play with you when it is having fun with itself.

To get other people to like you, you should first show your love to them. It applies to cat as well. Treat the cat as you treat a creature with feeling, and that is how to get a cat to like you.