Strategies on How to Get Rid of Cats Pooping in your Yard

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It seems like cats tend to make our garden as their personal toilet, and this is how to get rid of cats pooping in your yard. Thinking on the strategies on how to get rid of cats pooping in your yard has nothing to do with our personal hatred in the animals. It is also not important whether the cat is yours or someone else, the poop of cats in your beautiful garden is really unpleasant. Imagine working in your garden and having to step on cat’s poop, very frustrating, right? Not only that, the danger of cat poops is not only harming the beauty of our yard, but also our health. It is known that cat’s poops are the home of thousands of pathogens that are harmful for us. Therefore, knowing how to ged rids of cats pooping in your yard is important.

First Note on How to Get Rid of Cats Pooping in your Yard

Before moving further, the first step that has to be done in getting rid of cats pooping in your yard is by preventing the cat to do it rather than bothering the owner. It is because most of the owners don’t really care about you or your yard being littered by their cats. The act of negotiation between you and the cat owners will be a waste of time since the cats will definitely litter again in your yard. There is actually a legal way to resolve this problem by providing video and photos as the evidences on your case, but not many of such case that were successful in the history. Therefore, there are several strategies below that can be used in answering the question of how to get rid of cats pooping in your yard.

Artificial Man Made Device to Get Rid of Cats

Generally, the devices that will be mentioned below can be categorized as “Cat Reppellents”. Same with other form of repellents, such devices are designed specifically to repel cats in particular area. The products are very safe to human and are available in many stores with quite a friendly price.

How to Get Rid of Cats Pooping in your YardThe first device that will help you get rid of the cats in your yard is the device of Contech Scarecrow. Similar to the conventional scarecrow, this device is designed to protect the area you picked from any disturbances such as cats. The device that is produced in the United States is developed to prevent interventions from various animals, and it works really well on cat. Contech Scarecrow will blast water to the cats trespassing your yard area once they stepped in. The method of Contech Scarecrow will send the message to the cats that your yard is not a safe place for them to do their personal business.

Secondly, other method that can be used to get rid of cats pooping in your yard is by installing chicken wire. This method is more on the preventive method that can be done if you have not planted the flower bed in your garden. This device is considerably cheap and is available in a lot of hardware stores out there. To apply this device is also easy. First, you have to place the chicken wire on your soil, or other form of media that will be planted, across the planting bed before you put the plants. With the relatively cheap price, availability, easy to be applied, and most importantly hated by cats, chicken wire is one of the best solution to keep out cats in your garden.

The next method that can be used in preventing cats to litter your garden is by using the ultrasound devices. This kind of devices, such as Cat Stop, use the technology of high frequency. Since it is not in line with the frequency of human ears, this device will not be heard by humans but is really annoying for cats. The device is also easy to be installed. In order to do so, you just have to place the device in the direction of your yards. With the motion sensor features in the device, it will detect the cats as they entered the area of your yard and will blast a high frequency sound that will instantly scare off the cat.

At last, the fourth method of getting rid of cats pooping in your yard is by using cat repellents in the form of powder. This kind of cat repellents powder is available in many stores and offered in relatively cheap prices. Cat repellents powder, often called “Shake-Away”, basically spread the smell of urine of the predators that are feared by cats. Such predators like the fox, the bobcat and the coyote are the natural predators of cat that were hunting this animal in the wilds jungle. Since the product is originated from organic materials, Shake Away is safe to human, children, pets, as well as the plants in your garden.

Natural Cat Repellent

Despite all of the artificial devices and products that designed to answer the question on how to get rid of cats pooping in your yard, there are also natural method that is more friendly to the cats. One of the method is planting the type of plants that is naturally disliked by cats. An example of the plants that are disliked by cats is Coleus canina or often called “scaredy cat plant”. This plant is also repellent materials of other animals such as dogs. Thus, using this method is quite unsuitable if you have dog as your pet in the garden. Other plants that can act as cat repellents include Rue, Lavender and Pennyroyal.

Despite planting certain types of plants, another way to keep away cats from your garden is by modifying garden’s terrain. It is known that cats avoid walking in the surfaces with bristly material. Thus, placing the materials that will feared by cats such as sharp-edged pine cones in the planting beds of your yard could help you in answering how to get rid of cats pooping in your yard. Another material that can be used as a natural cat prevention is stone mulch. In fact, cats prefer to litter in loose dirt such as soil and sand. Area mulched in stone and other dense area in your garden will be safe from cat’s litter. Those are some natural ways to answer how to get rid of cats pooping in your yard that is safer and easier compared to the man-made devices.

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