How To Litter Train a Cat – Best Tips For You

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The cat is an animal which has cute overloads. Many people make this animal as their lovely pet. Sometimes, when we get stressed of our work, the cat always entertains us with its cute acts. However, when we have a cat which is not well trained, it will test our patience. Moreover, if we adopt the cat which have not been trained well. That cat will take a poop and urinate everywhere. To help you face that kind of problem, here we are going to share you about how to litter train a cat.

Commonly, a habit that makes cats use the litter box is learnt from their parents. It is like us when our parents teach us how to use the toilet. But, different with human, the well trained cats even forget where they should relieve their disposal. So, if you need the tips about how to litter train a cat, these following ways may will help you do it. Whether you have a cat which has not used the litter before or just to retrain, these ways will be useful.

What kind of litter box which should i choose?

  1. How To Litter Train a CatHere, you have to choose a litter box which has enough space for your cats. Sometimes, one of the problems which can be identified is from the space of litter box itself. Even though if you have a kitten, choosing the large litter box is really recommended because kitten can grow up quickly. Moreover, if the litter box is large enough, your cats will feel more comfortable. In addition, if you know how to litter train a cat well, you will choose a litter box which has low sides if your cats are still small.
  2. Utilizing a covered litter box is also a good idea if you want to keep the area which is close to the litter box clean. Moreover, the cats sometimes have different preference to relieve their disposal. For example, some cats are more comfortable with a covered litter box while some others are not. Here, the advantage of utilizing covered litter box is your cat has a privacy. Otherwise, it can trap the odor inside the litter box. The point is, be wise to choose covered or uncovered litter box.
  3. On the other hand, it is good for you if you provide more than one litter box. Why? Because if you have some cats, it will be more efficient if you have more litter box. Moreover, if you have kittens, it is so important to implement the how to litter train a cat. In addition, experts say that it is better if you one litter box for one cat in your house. You can add an extra litter box just in case as well.

How to maintain the litter box well?

  1. You have to choose the clumping litter because cats really love it. Besides, it gives the comfortability, your cats will be easier to walk on the litter box. Your cats can bury its dirt easily, and you can clean the dirt with no difficulties as well. On how to litter train cat, an institution has cautioned us to avoid the use of litter which has perfume or deodorizer. That is important, because your cats may be irritated with the substances. Moreover, the allergic reactions can be triggered as well. In addition, if you have kittens, it is better to use dust-free litter since it causes the lungs get irritated.
  2. Here, you have to put sufficient litter in your litter box. Why? Because too much use of litter will even make a mess. When the cats bury their dirt, sometimes the litter is accidentally kicked out. Besides, if you put less litter, your cat will be difficult to bury their dirt. Moreover, the odor is also easy to come out. Some experts have recommended to put the litter around 2 inches in your litter box. Yet, if you want to implement how to litter train a cat well, just take the recommendation as the standard. For instance, if your cats feel uncomfortable, you can increase the litter more than 2 inches of high.
  3. Keep clean your litter box regularly. This is really important if you want to know how to litter train a cat well. Moreover, if you have a kitten or a cat which is being trained to use the litter box. In some cases, perhaps you leave the liquid or the dirt in order to mark that the litter box is the place where the cat should dispose. So, to keep the litter box clean, you have to clean it regularly. In addition, the stack of dirt sometimes becomes the reason why the cat disposes outside the litter box. The experts say that the cleaning should be done twice daily in order to make the litter box stays clean.

How to teach the cat to use the litter box properly?

  1. If you have a cat which has not used the litter box before or never learnt from the parent, you should assist your cat directly. When your cat is about to dispose the dirt, carry him to the place where your cat should dispose. Here, you can also teach your cat how to bury the dirt in the litter box. By showing your cat burying the dirt with your own fingers, it will teach your cat indirectly. This way takes time indeed, but the point is your cat will be able to use litter box properly. In addition, don’t ever use your cat’s paw because it even makes your cat feel frightened or anxious.
  2. The next way about how to litter train a cat properly is playing with your cat near the litter box. Habituating this way is pretty important because if the disposal time comes, the litter box will be a closer place to dispose. By that, you can direct your cat to use the litter box as well. Just in case, you can also bring your cat some toys in order to keep closer to the litter box.
  3. This is the simple last thing about how to litter train a cat properly. Commonly. A car will dispose after playing around, having eaten, or taking a sleep. The point is you have to know the schedule. This way will be really helpful because it can determine you when your cat want to dispose. Moreover, if you have already known well about your cat, you will be able to assist your cat to dispose in the litter box well.

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