How to Stop Cats from Spraying

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Cat’s urine could be troublesome for some people so they start to think about how to stop cats from spraying. Spraying is a natural habit done by cats to mark their territorial. Although most people know that this is happened to big feline family, the truth is small felines or domestic cats also doing the same thing. Male cats usually do this kind of thing but occasionally, you could see a female cat also spraying but with no intention in marking its territorial.

Aside from that, this problem may be caused by the cat that is not satisfied with your placement or condition of the litter box. Another reason why you should not allow your cat to spray its urine anywhere is the fact that it could cause diseases for your cat, and a diseased cat is not a good cat to have. Those are the assumption if you found out that your cat spraying a lot of area in your house. There are many ways if you think about how to stop cats from spraying. But first, you have to know what cat spray is and then proceed to search for the cause and the solution to stop it.

What is Cat Spray?

How to Stop Cats from SprayingBefore you start wondering about how to stop cats from spraying, you have to understand what cat spray is and why they do that. Cat spray is a term for a cat which does an inappropriate urination in order to mark certain areas or territory. This cat spray problem may occur to all breed, age, and gender but commonly, this problem is associated with male felines. If you see your cat exchanging looks with outsider cats, usually your pet will start this cat spray behavior to mark their areas so the other cat will not be able to approach your cat’s area. Common places to be sprayed by your cat are around doors and windows. This problem could occur if you have two or more male cats but they are not very well acquainted so they will mark each territory by doing cat spraying due to competitive behaviors. The amount of areas marked by your cat depend on how many cats around your house whether they are stray cats or another pets of yours.

Causes of Spraying and Marking

The major cause of the cause of spraying and marking is already mentioned in the previous section. But there are also other circumstances that make your cat do this kind of thing. If you found out that your cat marking a lot of area around your house, you should start to search about how to stop cats from spraying in order to prevent your cat marking wider areas.

            There are some possibilities that will allow your cat to do cat spraying:

  1. Diseases

Diseases will affect the urine system of your cat. Even a minor damage to urine system will make your cat going out from their usual behavior. FLUTD, DM, stones on the urine systems, and liver disease are the example of disease that could be the cause of inappropriate urination.

  1. Old Age

Simply, an old cat will have their organ and metabolism degraded, causing them to have malfunction or inappropriate behavior such as spraying a lot around your house.

  1. Medical Treatment

A specific medical treatment may leave a bad effect towards your cat’s urine system. Ask your doctor if the medical procedure your cat is having now could affect its urination behavior or not.

  1. Stress

There are a lot of causes that will make your cat experience excessive stress. Over dominated by other male cat you have, not satisfied with the food and the surroundings of your house, or even attacked by nearby stray cats could be the factors that lead your cat to stress and have a bad urination behavior.

How to Stop Cats from Spraying their waste all around?

There are many ways about how to stop cats from spraying.  But, you have to pinpoint your cat’s main problem such as having a disease, stress, or simply because of its old age. Here are some things you should consider about how to stop cats from spraying.

– The litter box itself: if your cat does not like that particular litter box you have bought for it, then there might be a chance that the cat would not use the litter box

– The litter box hygiene: cats would not use a dirty litter box. Be sure to keep it clean.

– The amount of cats you have: cats can sometimes be selfish, and they sometimes would not want their litter box to be used by other cats. Get one box for one cat.

– The place of the box is also important. You do not want to place the box in a place where your cat would not get comfortable.

– Choose the litter that would suit your cat. Not all cats would want to waste their waste on a certain type of litter and some cats can be very picky when we are talking about litter types. Know your cat and experiment with what it likes and it dislikes.

– If your cat peed outside of the litter box (perhaps somewhere it already marked as a peeing place), then you can move the litter box to that particular peed upon place. Who knows? Perchance your cat will prefer peeing in the litter box than that peed upon place.

– Some cat does not like competition. When there is a new cat in the house, your cat might dislike it and will sometimes start to pee around. Time heals all scars though, so you need to be patient when your cat started to ‘leak’.

If found out those solution about how to stop cats from spraying are not working, then you should go check to the nearest veterinarian. Your cat health could be dropped or having a disease. But it is worth to try those methods about how to stops your cat from spraying as a first act before consulting to a pro.

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