Kitten and Cat Vaccinations

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Cat vaccinations, fortunately, are available in various options to help preventing kinds of cats’ illnesses. By giving vaccines to your cat, you can make the cute pets live longer and healthier. Besides the various vaccines for various diseases prevention, it is also available in kinds of combinations. However, it is also some controversy about the vaccination timing, protection’s duration, safety and the necessity. That is why you should know about the most important vaccines so it can protect your cats well and make them live healthier.

What are Cat Vaccines Exactly?

Like the vaccines given to human, cat vaccinations are given to prepare the immune system inside the cat’s body so it can fight the organisms’ invasions that can cause diseases. The vaccines hold antigens that look like organisms that cause diseases but it doesn’t cause the disease actually. The immune system will be stimulated mildly when the vaccines are given to the cat’s body. So when the cat gets the real disease, its immune system has been prepared to fight the disease so the severity is reduced.

The Importance of Vaccines for the Cat’s Health

The vaccine types in bottom lines are essential to manage the cat’s health. However, not all cats need all vaccine types. You should discuss the veterinarian about the right vaccination protocol for your cat. It should be considered about the cat’s age, environment, medical history, and also the lifestyle. The most recommended vaccines are commonly the core vaccines that will gain the health of the cat.

Kinds of Core Vaccines for Cats

There are two categories of cat vaccinations made by the American Association of Feline Practitioners; core and non-core categories. The core vaccinations are the vital categories that will protect the cats against Feline Distemper or panleukopenia, feline herpes virus type I or rhinotracheitis, feline calici virus, and also rabies. Meanwhile, the non-core vaccines are commonly given based on the lifestyle of the cat. The vaccines are such as felin leukemia virus, chylamydophila felis, Bordetella, and also feline immunodeficiency virus. By discussing to your veterinarian, you can know the best vaccines for your cat.

Cat Vaccines Required by Law

Every state has laws that govern the rabies vaccine administration. Annually rabies vaccination is required in some areas. Meanwhile, it is given in every three years in other areas. The rabies vaccination proof is obligatory in most states.

Certain Vaccinations for Kittens Adult Cats

Cat VaccinationsAs written above that the vaccination schedule can be determined after discussing with a veterinarian. What cat vaccinations needed are based on the cat’s age, environment, medical history and also lifestyle. For the adult cats, the revaccinations might be needed annually or once every three years, based on the cat’s needs. For the kittens, the natural immune system is gotten from mother’s milk containing antibodies received when they are babies. The natural antibodies will protect the kittens against infectious diseases until they have their own immune system inside the body. After the kittens have been 6-8 weeks of age, the vet commonly gives some cat vaccinations at 3 or 4 weeks intervals and will stop when the kittens have been 16 weeks.