What I Learn When My Cat Is Sneezing

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Learn My cat is sneezing and I think it’s cute. Cat might be one of the most popular types of pet besides dogs. There are various types of cat that you can choose as a pet these days. Cat also has several habits as well and if you want to pet a cat, you might need to learn about these habits. One of the most common habits that you might find on a cat is sneezing. When your cat is sneezing, you can consider it as a normal behavior. However, when the sneezing is occurred more often, you might be a little bit worried about your cat.

Why My Cat Sneeze

At first, I never notice when my cat is sneezing since I thought it was quite normal. Animals are basically just like human. Animals will sneeze when there is something wrong with their nasal cavity. However, sneezing also can indicate various health problems in cats as well. Sneezing in cat might be caused by irritation that occurs in mucous membranes inside the nostrils. Sneezing in cats can be categorized into two main categories, acute or chronic. Sneezing might come with nasal discharge in several cases. When you find your cat have nasal discharge, it might be symptoms of more serious condition and you might need to take your cat to veterinarian. The causes of sneezing might vary as well. Besides irritation and infection, sneezing in cat might also be caused by seasonal allergies, acute viral infection, or even tumor.

Symptoms and Risk of Nasal Disease

My Cat SneezingOther thing that I learn when my cat is sneezing is the symptoms of nasal disease and the risk of this health issues in cat. Basically, nasal disease can occur on both genders of cat. This health issue can also occur on any age as well. Younger cats and kitten usually have higher risk of nasal disease or other respiratory infections. Kittens might also have birth defects that usually affect their nose as well. The example of these birth defects is cleft palate. If your cat is older and develops sneezing or nasal discharge, this might be the indication of tumors or chronic dental disease. If your cat spend huge amount of time outdoor, it might prone to inhalation of foreign bodies that might lead to chronic upper airway disease, including sneezing and nasal disease.

Time to Visit Your Veterinarian

When my cat is sneezing and experiencing nasal discharge more often and frequently, that’s the time when I take my cat to my veterinarian. Sneezing and nasal disease in cats might be caused by several types of viruses or bacteria. Two of the most common viruses or bacteria that cause upper respiratory disease in cats are calcivirus and herpes. Other bacteria and viruses that might cause infection of upper respiratory system in cats are including mycoplasma, bordetella, Chlamydia, pasteurella, and reovirus.

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

In order to prevent upper respiratory disease in your cat, there are several things that you might need to notice. First, you need to avoid smoking near your cat. Eliminating synthetic room sprays also might help you to prevent respiratory disease on your cat. Minimizing stressful events in your cat’s life also might help your cat stay healthy as well. Now I never have to be worried anymore when my cat is sneezing.