Most Popular Type of Cats

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Cat lovers need to know each type of cats before they can get one for their pet. Yep! There are many types of cats in the world. However, some types are more favorable to get chosen as your indoor pet. As each type of cat has unique characters and behaviors, knowing the type of your cat well is important as it will define the best treatments for that particular cat. Here are types of cats for indoor pet which you can choose one(s) you love the most!

  1. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is a domestic cat from Senggora, Turkey. Turkish Angora cat has such lenient and elegant style. The physical appearance of Turkish Angora can be noticed by a slim long body with thick long hair and different eyes’ colors.

  1. Peke-Faced Persian

This type of cats have the structure of the face which resembles Peking dog with more flat nose. With its minimalist nose, no wonder that Peke-faced Persian tend to get breathing difficulty leading to eating disorder. As this cat also has short life-expectancy, you need to give it special treatment.

  1. Colorpoint (Persian Himalayan)

This cat is the race cross of Persian and Siamese cat which origins from Great Britain. Hence, it has the body like Persian cats with Siamese colorpoint hair color. The effect of this great race cross makes the price of Colorpoint or Persian Himalaya cats quite high.

  1. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthair or simply called Exotic is originally from United States. This cat is the race cross from Persian and American shorthair. This is kind of the best type of cat for you as the physical looks and personality of the cats resemble Persian, but you don’t have to take much time to take care of the hairs since it is short already.

  1. British Shorthair

Most Popular Type of CatsIf you’re still favoring shorthair cats, you can take British shorthair as your choice. British shorthair or Highlander Britannica is one of the oldest cat’s races from Great Britain. This type is quite popular as we can see British shorthair cat becomes the icon or model of famous cat’s foods product.

  1. Japanese Bobtail

As its name, this type of cats from Japan have short tail. In its country, Japanese Bobtail is believed to be the real form of Maneki Neko. As a pet, Japanese Bobtail is very reliable! The cats tend to be strong, healthy, active and smart.

  1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cats are the cat’s race from Norwegia which grow up naturally. This type has extremely wild long hair. As for the personalities, Norwegian forest cats tend to be quite reserved, smart and independent.

  1. Rex Sphynx

Rex Sphynx was once called Canadian Hairless. This is the rare race of cats with very short hair. At a glance this cat looks like it has no hair at all, but if we look closely, we will see it has soft hair in some its ears, legs, and tail.

  1. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold is an original unique race from Scotland. The ears of the cats can naturally folded after they turn 9 months old. This type of cats is ideal for indoor pet as it fast to adapt to any house’s condition and not easily bothered by kids or other pets.