2 Most Common Signs of Senior Cats and Important Senior Cat Care Tips

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Spending your time with your cat is always fun and relaxing, however, you should know about senior cat care tips, especially when you think that your cats are no longer young. It is basically very important to always give sufficient needs for your cats and follow the tips on how to take care a cat regardless how old they are now. It is good if you adopt cats since they were baby, so that you know how old your cats are and can implement care tips well. But how if you adopt cats when they are no longer considered as

But how if you adopt cats when they are no longer considered as baby? Probably, you may be difficult to not know the age of your cats, thus you may neglect whether or not your cat needs special treatment based on their age. This article will help you to know the signs when your cats are considered as senior cat and also how to implement senior cat care tips:

1. What are the signs of senior cat?

Before you know and implement senior cat care tips, it is highly recommended for you to know the 2 most common signs of senior cat as below:

-Changes in hair and claw

The aging process in senior cats is usually caused by the longer its hair grows. The claws will also grow faster. The hair will look messy, thus be careful for not judging that your cat got infected by cat’s hair diseases. That was all only a matter of aging process.

-Sleep longer

Similar to elder human, senior cats will also likely to spend longer time sleeping. Let us take a look at your cats whether their sleeping pattern still considered as normal or you often found your cats are sleeping whenever you want to play with them.

Those are all about 2 most common signs of senior cats that you should know, especially when you have no idea about the age of your cats are

2. What are the care tips for senior cats?

senior cat care tipsAfter you had known about the signs of senior cat, now it’s time for you to know and implement senior care cat tips as below:

-Pay attention to your cat’s bed

As your cats are getting older, it is also becoming more important to be aware for their healthiness issue. One of the ways is by paying attention to your cat’s bed. You can put a soft and thick blanket in their bed, so that they will warmer and have a convenient sleeping time.

-Pay attention to diet pattern

Senior cats are likely to lose their appetite to eat and drink, especially for Persian cat. It is because senior cats are experiencing gums swelling, tooth plaque formation as well as tooth decay. You can also take a look when you give your cats with their favorite drinks or meals, they will enthusiastically consume it or not. Thus, to overcome this issue, you can provide them with warm meals with enough portions to avoid obesity

-Do a regular health check to veterinarian

The last important one from senior cat care tips is never forget to do a regular health check to veterinarian for your cats to check their teeth, gums and blood.