Tips about Dental Cat Care at Home

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Dental car care is important to do to prevent dental plaque and lengthen the health of the teeth. Like in humans, brushing your cat’s teeth will also improve the gums’ healthy and also reduce the bad breath. You need to brush your cat’s teeth every day; once or twice if possible. It can start in any age of the cat, but it should be done with proper care. Kinds of dental disease is possibly had by cats, despite each effort for the prevention. Dental and gum disease in cats are commonly caused by saliva’s chemical, immune response, infections and also bacteria. The dental problems can be treated with home care or some teeth extractions.

Home Dental Cat Care

Home dental cat care can be given at any age of the cat. But if the dental care is done in early age, the cat will adapt more easily with the dental care routines. The brushing accustoming will be easily done in kittens, whilst you need slower and gradual approach if you do it in adult cats. It may sound daunting and strange to give dental care to the cats and many cats can’t tolerate it. But it will become a great way to improve and maintain your cat’s dental health.

dental cat careOn the other hand, dental cat care at home is commonly started when teeth cleaning and polishing is done by vet under anesthetic. You should wait a few days to heal the mouth and inflammation before starting the home dental care, especially if there is a tooth removal procedure done to the cat. Then you can start the home care soon after passing the recovery time. Dental care for your cat at home can be done in the same way even you have kittens or adult cats. It is better to build a routine every day, choosing the convenient time so you can brush the cat’s teeth every day. The daily teeth brushing is also good for the cat getting usual. The ideal time to start brushing your cat’s teeth is when they starts eat. Make sure you do it well and don’t give more meals after brushing.

Things to Use for Cat’s Teeth Cleaning

To start home dental cat care by brushing, make sure you have the right equipment that is specially designed for cats. Ask your vet about the specific dental care equipment for cats. The equipment can be such as:

  • Toothbrush; special toothbrush for cats. Each cat should have their own toothbrush to prevent infections through saliva.

  • Cat toothpaste; choose special toothpaste for cats because the human toothpaste can cause gastric irritation. There are various flavors of cat toothpaste such as fish, chicken, beef, or mint. Choose the best one loved by your lovely cats.

For kittens, you can choose starter kits that contains finger brush that ease the brushing process in small cats. Be careful in brushing your cats’ teeth to prevent the bitten risk and learn well about the other ways of dental cat care at home.