Tips to Buy the Right Cute Cat Collars

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Cute cat collars are one of special things that many pet lovers like to buy for their beloved cats. The cat collars have some functions such as to show ownership of the cat, as well as a decoration and the individuality expression of the owner.On the other hand, a practical reason like to bring the cats outdoor also becomes a common reason to buy the collars. The collars will enable the cat owner to attach one or more bells so the cat will be more difficult to be caught when it is in wildlife. Besides, the collars can also give additional tag to identify the cat easily when it is picked up or lost.

For the curiosity, cats are natural jumpers and climbers so they can be in many spots that you never imagine before. Even an indoor only cat can be found in kinds of interesting places outside home at times. However, when your cats wear cute cat collars, it also may be a danger thing for the furry friend and you may don’t think about the safety. The collars can get snagged easily on the fences, branches, sticks, tap handles, furniture, plants, and many more. The collars may also make their mouths or paws caught in a collar.

Tips to Make Cat Collar Safe to Wear

Cute Cat CollarsTo make the cute cat collars are safe to wear, you should make sure that you choose the right type of collar. There are kinds of collar types that allow you to choose the right collar for your lovely cats.

The Different Types of Cat Collar

  • A cat collar will be safe if it is designed with safety release system. The best forms of safe collar could be the one with elastic stripping, which is a collar part that commonly joined in right behind the buckle. Otherwise, you can choose a collar with release catch or breakaway buckle. Such designs of cat collar will enable the cats to twist free whenever they are snagged. The collar will be undone and your cat can run away. Both of the cat collars are best options and you should choose the one that fits your cat perfectly.
  • The cute cat collars’ width. Cat collars come in different width so it allows you to choose the best one fit your cat’s neck diameter and size. Make sure the collar size if comfortable enough and allow your cat to move naturally. Besides, it should also fit the shoulders and neck so the cats can walk and climb comfortably.
  • The collar’s weight. Make sure the cat collar is not too heavy so your cat will not lose balance when it is umping or climbing. So it is important to choose lightweight cat collars. Besides, avoid cat collars with many charms that can cause scratches and skin and fur damages in your cat.

By knowing what the best cat collar is, you can choose the best gift collar for your lovely cat pet. Make sure you follow the tips so your cat can be happy receiving the cute cat collars.