Take Your Cat Everywhere: Follow These Travel Tips with Cat

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Cat owners may need travel tips with cat. Sometimes when we are going to a trip that takes long period, we are too afraid to leave our cats alone at home. Even if we can leave our cat in professional care of pet sitting services, we still feel worry and are going to miss the cat so much. It’s probably your dream to take your cat travelling to some places you love. However, taking cat in trip is probably just as hard as bringing baby. It’s not impossible but indeed takes a lot of efforts. Thus, you may consider to take a look at this tips to bring your cat travelling with you!


  1. Practice makes perfect

Few weeks before travelling with your cat, take it to practice by taking it in short trips using car (30 minutes or less for each). It will help the cat to get accustomed to the car’s sound and movement. Give your cat foods as a reward while in the car to make it feels better.

  1. Buy Dramamine for cats, if needed

If you found your cat is susceptible to carsick, ask for Dramamine for cats from your veterinarian. The signs of carsick on cats will be shown by cat’s cry or continuous voices, panic movements, and/or vomiting.

  1. Give cat rescue remedy

Give your cat Bach pollen to heal its fear and stress of being in a travel and new places. Put some drops into the cat’s drinking water and a drip into its mouth every day prior to the departure. Test the effect of the remedy by taking your cat in a 30 minutes trip by car.

  1. Prepare the cat cage

Put the towel or blanket where your cat sleeps on everyday into the cage. Put an additional towel beneath it if only the base isn’t soft enough. Put your cat’s favorite toys inside the cat as well to accompany it.

  1. Spray the Feliway

The last preparation on travel tips with cat is by spraying Feliway, a product copying pheromone left by the cat when it feels cozy and calm in its area. Spray the Feliway to the bag and car 20 minutes before the departure.


  1. Feed it before

Travel Tips with CatFeed the cat few hours before the travelling begin and give your cat an unlimited access to its litter box. During the travel, don’t let the cat stay in the bag for more than 8 hours without food, beverages, and a chance to use its litter box.

  1. Open the cage

Don’t force your cat to stay in the cage all over the trip. Open the cage and give it chance to explore the cage and decide to enter it for its comfort.

  1. Put the cat in the bag

For an indoor cat, take the cat inside your bag with its blanket when you bring it into the car to close its sight from ‘scary’ world. The bag should be put in the safest part of the car and tightly keep it by placing the seat belt. Use bungee rope to save the bag in the car if somehow the car will brake suddenly or involve in any accident. And that’s a wrap of travel tips with cats!